Running schedule for San Francisco Marathon 2008

 I ran "almost" two marathons last year. The "almost" is for the Chicago marathon 2007 that was shut down after about 4 hours into the race. Here are the details.

This year I have registered to run the San Francisco marathon. This marathon is a nice one to run for its amazing views and people get to run across the famed Golden Gate Bridge. It is also not for the faint of heart because the course is a hilly course. If you are interested you can train with me. Here is the plan for the first four long runs. Join me, the training starts this weekend. If you are around the bay area you can join my training runs too.

 April 5th  4 miles
 April 12th  7 miles
 April 19th  8 miles
 April 26th  6 miles


3 thoughts on “Running schedule for San Francisco Marathon 2008

  1. ey, what fantastic idea run at San Francisco. I just have to catch a training,event or so, convince my manager and run it. Not too bad.
    Probably is a good dream, who knows.
    Just curiousity, i think San Francisco is a hot city. Spring or autumn should be better season to run it. Isn’t it?

  2. Hi Augustus,
    I’m interested in doing the long runs with you… but how fast do you run? And where in the bay area do you run? My pace is about a 9 min mile pace.
    Let me know!

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