Long run schedule for May

If you have been following my long run schedule to train for the San Francisco marathon 2008. Here is the schedule for the month of May.

 May 3rd  10 miles
 May 10th  12 miles
 May 17th  14 miles
 May 24th  10 miles
 May 31th 16 miles

 It is also a good idea to start doing some speed workouts at this time. Speed workouts help in the long runs by increasing the efficiency at which your muscles burn oxygen. The efficiency of the body to use oxygen is measured using VO2 max. You can use the McMillan’s running calculator to determine the optimal speed at which you can get the maximum benefit of a speed workout.

Update: Corrected the mileage for May 3rd.


2 thoughts on “Long run schedule for May

  1. Thanks for the comment. I went back and checked the schedule again based on that comment. It does look like there was a error. The schedule should say 10 miles for May 3rd.

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