Sometimes the snow comes down in June

June was a good busy month. The source code to Solaris Cluster was open sourced late May. We have been seeing some excitement from universities so far. See here, here and here. There is great technology here that is accessible to everyone now.

My fun at home became "highly available" with the arrival of my second son, Dalvin Jonan Diraviam, in the last week of June. It is pretty exciting to see nature at its best.

The marathon training for the San Francisco marathon is in its final month now. Julianne joined our long runs couple of times. She is a experienced runner and it was great fun to run with her. Here is the long run schedule for July. Sorry about the delay in posting this. This is the last one, you are ready for the marathon after this. Good luck.

 July 5th  13 miles
 July 12th  22 miles
 July 19th  13 miles
 July 26th  6 miles