Intellectual Dessert

The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you’re learning you’re not old.” – Rosalyn Yalow

One of my most enjoyable activity at Sun is to have “intellectual dessert”. Intellectual Dessert is the name given to a series of regular talks and presentations in Sun on varied topics from experts in different fields. These talks provide opportunity for any Sun employee to interact with many smart people and know about work in other related areas. I have attended talks all the way from Rupert Sheldrake on his controversial morphic resonance theory, to talks by Turing award winners, like John McCarthy on the evolution of intelligence and Vinton Cerf on bit rot. Recently I enjoyed a talk by Nobel prize winner, Martin Perl on developing creativity in science.

I learnt recently that the talks at Palo Alto Research Center(PARC) is open to the public too. This is also a weekly forum with discussions on varied topics. The talk this Thursday is about the adventures of Cuil, a startup in the world of search engines. I plan to drive over to Palo Alto for my first visit to the PARC Forum.