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As a practitioner of computer science and software engineering, I am always looking for opportunities to learn. I also consider learning from my peers valuable. Here are some interesting articles that I read recently.

  • API Design Matters
  • The way to keep designers sharp and honest is to make them eat their own dog food. Any process that deprives designers of that feedback is ultimately doomed to failure.

    Joshua Bloch  has given a talk on the same topic. API design was also the cause of a tiff between James Gosling and Paul Buchheit sometime back.

  • A Conversation with Steve Bourne, Eric Allman, and Bryan Cantrill – Part1 & Part2
  • All three of them did their best work to write popular tools because they needed to use it. Notice how this validates the point that I highlighted from the previous article.

  • Real-World Concurrency

    The authors have a single system view of the world though. Many of the concurrency ideas presented also applies to programming in a distributed computing environment. Systems that run MapReduce and Hadoop like workloads could use these as well.

Partly because most of the links from ACM and the ACM Queue are useful and partly to heed to Bryan Cantrill’s call to join ACM, I recently became a professional member of ACM.

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