Weekend running schedule for June

It looks like there is interest in the long run schedules that I am posting here. The long runs for the month of June is critical to the training for the San Francisco marathon. This month contains 2 of the 3 long runs that will be over 18 miles. Long runs over 18 miles are important endurance training runs for a marathon.

 June 7th  17 miles
 June 14th  12 miles
 June 21st  19 miles
 June 28th  20 miles

Have you seen the Adidas Ads, "Runners, Yeah We’re Different". These are good.


Keyhole Gardens

They are round gardens of about two metres in diameter and raised to
waist-height to make them easy for the sick and elderly to work. Inside, the garden-beds are layered with tin cans, mulch and
ash which together provide the nutrients to make the gardens
extraordinarily productive.

 Here is the full article. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.